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    Founder: Sebastian Agace

    Alma de Ace is a lifestyle clothing brand that unifies traditional fabric from Portugal to bring colour to our collection regardless of season. Alma de Ace, from the Latin meaning “Soul of Unity”, is a bringing together of various cultural fabrics and combining them with detailed contemporary designs.

    The brand signature is instantly recognisable through the use of our two-tone colours to add statement flashes of retro on simple classic pieces that have been influenced by the London fashion scene.

    We believe in style over fashion and source fabric with life and feel. Our founder Sebastian Agace visited Portugal earlier this year where our items have been produced and stitched to the highest quality. Sebastian has a huge passion for the visual side of things and creating content that shows the brand’s lifestyle is his most key desire towards his customers. Alma de Ace is an expression of his creativity.

    The two-colour scheme originated from Sebastian’s year abroad in Madrid where he introduced an exclusive Madrid edition with simple uses of his signature colours that were screen printed on t-shirts and sweatshirts. They were an instant hit and a year later decided to build those colours around his brand, with subtle touches of colour. The colours will be playing a huge part in his upcoming line  “ CAPSULE 3 ” and we are excited on our journey over the next coming months as we build the Alma brand and family!

     Expect the finest of fabrics with each release bringing a special personality.

    Stay Alma
    Some of Seb's favourite pictures from the shoots:
    Seb's personal favourite:
    Follow Sebastian: @sebastianagace
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