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    This year we are very happy to announce that we will be working with Abbott and Mosley in stocking their Swedish Marble watches on our site through Alma de Ace.


    The Story behind Abbott & Mosley is based on the development of the watch dial made of Italian marble. To be certain that it was even possible to manufacture such a thin and unique dial of marble, Andreas contacted his father’s British friend, Richard Mosley, who works as watchmaker in London. Mr. Mosley told him about a Watch with a dial made of Italian Carrara marble that he had serviced a few years ago. The owner of this watch was a very stylish person named William Abbott who was obsessed with uniquely crafted wristwatches. Andreas contacted Abbott to see the design of his Marble Watch and how the marble dials was constructed. Based on the two meetings Andreas created the first collection of the watches under the brand name Abbott & Mosley.

    Abbott & Mosley are now proud to be the makers of uniquely crafted timepieces that combine a classic design with modern fashion. Pure Italian Marble is sliced with precision and is then carefully fitted into place to create the dial of these watches. Each Piece is Uniquely Crafted.