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    Edition 1 Women's

    Edition 1 Women's
    Each item has been individually stitched with fabric sourced out in Bali, Indonesia. The fabric design only has a limited run of 50 across all sizes. This fabric will not be produced again and is Limited Edition.
    Navy Alma x Ayana Embroidered Sweatshirt £48.00
    Blue Damai Sweatshirt with Fabric Sleeves £35.00
    White Benoa Crop T-Shirt with Fabric Sleeves £22.00
    Black Nusa Penida T-shirt with Fabric Sleeves £25.00 £20.00
    Blue Finn Crop Top £15.00
    Red Kavya Crop Top £15.00
    The Arsana Crop Top £15.00
    Gold Kubu Crop Top £15.00